These are stories that are made up by our readers, and not based on true life experiences.


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Young Womens' Christian Association—it's all about empowering women and fighting racism. What does that mean? It means interracial sex is not only okay, it's an critical element in achieving social justice for women, especially white women and Negro men.

So we're at this bar and Tony, this Black guy, starts dancing with my wife. All the white men there just watched powerlessly as he held her close and moved her expertly around the dance floor. I figured they were getting very comfortable with each other because, when I came back from the men's room, she was sitting on his lap, his black hand massaging the bare white skin of her creamy thigh above her stocking tops. It was so hot seeing my “pretty young church wife” all spacey with a black man's hand up her skirt.

It's okay I'm not mad. She's my wife and I love her, but I want this for her. You see how submissive she is already. You can fuck her. You can make her do any nasty thing you want, as much as you want. I love the thought of you making her suck your dick and lick your nuts clean. She'll do it, even if she doesn't want to at first.

You can cum in her face. You can make her swallow your splooge—that's so hot. You can fuck her in the ass! In fact I hope you fuck her in the ass a lot, get her used to it; teach her to like it and crave it and bend over for you expecting a black dick up her tail.

Why don't you take her out behind the bar, put her on her knees between a couple of dumpsters and skull fuck her. Use that pretty mouth, make her gag, and shoot a load all over her face and neck! She'll do it. She's such a submissive slut it will probably make her cum!

When I danced with him I felt like his hands were all over me. When he kissed me, if felt so sexy, so erotic. I guess I should have held back a little but when we were making out it just made me feel hotter. I looked over at you when he put his hand up my skirt. I knew not to push it away. I knew you wanted it, but I guess I thought you'd change your mind, maybe object, maybe stop it. You're my protector and you're supposed to keep me for yourself, but you were just letting him feel me up, explore me, and even expose me to the prying eyes all over the bar. God I felt so dirty, so nasty, and I knew I should be doing it but it just made me feel so romantic.

When I felt his finger slip into me, I buried my face in his chest, embarrassed. I whispered that my husband might not like that. He told me confidently that he didn't care what my husband thought. “If he says anything to me, I'll kick his ass.” With that he pushed my panties down and started fingering me openly, showing his buddies and making me feel so totally exposed.

I couldn't help it. It just slipped out. He fingered me to orgasm so fast, all I could do was blurt out, “Yes,... okay,... kick his ass.”
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