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Postby bclbm » Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:01 pm

I have already banned 2 users permanently due to spam. These two people try to post to the forums and put links to drug advertisements in the posts. This was done to promote their drug based affiliate sites. Not to add anything of value to the forums at all.

If you want to link to something in your posts, I will allow it if I think it adds anything to the forum. It needs to be "on topic" in other words, it needs to have something to do with the subject matter of this forum. It needs to be something that could provide value to the other members, if they want to explore it.

Drug websites obviously don't qualify. Neither do things that have absolutely nothing to do with the interracial lifestyle. However you CAN put links in your profile that link to something you want to promote, but keep in mind that if it's really off topic for this forum, it's not likely to generate any visitors for you, because it's not targeted.

So if you put a link in your profile to a golf site for instance that you are an affiliate of, do you really think that's going to result in people following that link and you making any money? The answer is most likely NO.

As for links in your posts, I WILL allow it IF it pertains to the lifestyle somehow, such as a link to some other website about interracial sex, or even a product that people on this forum might actually want to buy (like a sex toy) or whatever. I will decide it on a case by case basis.

My purpose is to keep this forum free of spam and hopefully focused on creating a community of people that like interracial swinging. So please keep posts on topic for the forum category that you are in, and don't spam.

Thank you,

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