How I Made it Happen

In this forum we take want to explain what we call the Interracial Lifestyle to those who are new to it, considering it, or just curious about it.

How I Made it Happen

Postby watcher1st » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:23 pm

I'll tell you a little about her first encounter. I advertized for a black to seduce her without her knowing I set it up and he met her at the gym on the day and time I told him she would be there. They started chatting on yahoo, and long story short we met him at a hotel.

When he came in he was going to give her a massage. A little rubbing, kissing and rubbing his cock on her, he lay back and she was going to mount him. He was about 9.5 long. She reached between her legs to guide him in. when she sank down she looked over her shoulder at me. as she sank down he shoved up and buried it balls deep, she kinda shuddered.

Within 5 hard strokes she was cumming. They fucked for 2 hours with small rest after he came. He came 4 times and I lost count how many times he made her cum. To hear her squeal moan groan and beg him to fuck her harder and deeper was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. If you haven't already u need to get your wives or girlfriends black fucked.

She has been fucked over 30 time now with 8 different guys. A couple weeks before Christmas she fucked two different guys one Saturday. and one Sunday. The Sunday guy fucked her ass. It was awesome!
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